Do you sell online?  COMING SOON


Prior to the pandemic, the Pop Up Purveyor was strictly an in-store shop.  Given the current circumstances, however, I will be organizing an online shopping event to support brick and mortar businesses jeopardized by the pandemic.  Please stay tuned and/or sign up for updates.


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How can I get The Pop Up Purveyor to do a show near me?


If you are a brick and mortar business, or you have a favorite place in mind, please contact Alice Lam here.

What is 1:12 scale?


1:12 scale is the most common dollhouse scale, where one foot of a full-sized item is represented as one inch in miniature.  The scale is also used in dioramas and fairy gardens, as well as select action figure, model cars and live steam model train lines.  

Recognizing and Using 1:12 or One Inch to One Foot Scale - The Spruce Crafts

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